Monday, September 6, 2010

August - News!

Hello everyone!  I thought I would start a blog rather than send out an email newsletter for updates on my work.  August was a thrilling month for me!  I attended a 2010 Emmy Awards Gifting Suite at the Warner Brothers Mansion in Beverly Hills, CA.  I took my friend Nancy with me to help out - thank you, Nancy!  We had a great time and met lots of television celebrities at the event.  I'm still sorting through all the photos (over 1,000) and will be posting some here and on Facebook.  I got pictures of my work with Natasha Alam from HBO's "True Blood" series, Carrie Ann Inaba from "Dancing with the Stars", Mark Hapka from 'Days of Our Lives', Allen Evangelista from 'Secret Life of an American Teenager' to name a few.  Chase Masterson from 'Star Trek, Deep Space Nine' was really beautiful and nice!  She wrote a very nice review of my work on the 'Hollywood Today' web site: Hollywood Today Magazine.   Pictures coming soon!


  1. Gorgeous banner! I had a lot of trouble trying to follow your blog - it kept trying to sign me in as Bailey, even though I was logged into my SF account. And when It finally recognized my Sweet Freedom account, it still gave me the ghost avatar, instead of my usual crabby self. I think this is one of blogger's many, many quirks.
    Welcome to blogging! Hope you find more time for it than I do!!

  2. See - now that is weird. My comment has a crab, but no crab as a follower. I. personally, choose to take this personally.

  3. LOL You're too funny! I love your icon - hopefully it will show up in followers eventually.