Thursday, November 18, 2010

New November Beads!

I had a great time at the BABE show in San Francisco!  Now I'm getting ready for Tucson in January.  I have some new sea beads to post - they can be found in my Etsy Shop


  1. I just LOVE seeing your colorful beads!! Just puts a smile on my face everytime I see them!! Thanks!!

  2. Wonderful beads
    Greetings from cold Switzerland

  3. Thanks Robbie and Daniela! Daniela, I just learned about the Swiss tradition of putting fireworks in the head of a snowman and throwing it in the fire. The longer it takes to explode, the better the following Summer...did I get that right? I just started a job at Lush and we have a bath bomb in the shape of a snowman head. It's called Boog.